Stocks to Buy During the September Crash

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It’s no secret that the United States was sitting on a massive tech bubble pre-September. Now that the bubble has burst, and the market is seeing a major decline with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) dropping 1,000+ points. While this is normal in the market, analysts are indicating that this is the perfect time to buy stocks at a discount. Here are some of Hustly’s favorite stocks to buy during the crash.

1. Walmart

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This stock is virtually recession-proof, as they are always open. In their recent earnings call, they announced a 97% increase in sales to their e-commerce business. Additionally, Walmart Plus, their competitor to Amazon Prime comes out on September 15th. There is also still speculation about Walmart and Microsoft winning the Tik Tok Bid.

2. Amazon

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During the pandemic, Amazon went up exponentially due to increased online sales, and at the very moment, the price is dropping which allows for a great buying opportunity. There are bits of speculation that Amazon will be performing a 7-to-1 stock split soon as well.

3. Apple

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Despite Apple and Tesla being the main culprit for the recent crash, this stock is a great stock to buy into. Apple is coming out with the iPhone 12 soon and its own silicon chips in their computers. Despite this crash, it truly is a great time to buy Apple.

4. Shopify

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With the recent pandemic, this stock saw a major surge and some amazing new features. This e-commerce platform is a conglomerate that is continuously growing.  Shopify has big plans for their future, and now is a great time to buy.

5. Square

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Square is a card reader company that is typically seen in small businesses. They are also tapping into the e-commerce business with a recent slew of announcements to shake up the online market. There is plenty of potential for Square, Inc’s business to grow considering they are tapping into the e-commerce market.

6. Big Commerce

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Consider big commerce to be the Shopify for designer and exclusive items. This e-commerce website builder similar to Shopify that allows users to sell online and it is currently on the rise. There is plenty of potential for growth with Big Commerce.

Bottom Line

Despite the recent dip in the market, this is still a considerable time to add new stocks to your portfolio. This is a discount opportunity that no one should miss out on.

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